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The threat of civil war

Slobodan Milo Djukanovic
Slobodan Milosevic - Milo Djukanovic

The turning point in recent Montenegrin history came in 1997, when Montenegro's young prime minister Milo Djukanovic, in power since 1990, distanced himself from Slobodan Milosevic and, in late 1997, defeated his former ally, Milosevic-backed Momir Bulatovic, in presidential elections.

Djukanovic did so by a tiny margin, thanks to Albanian and Bosniak voters. Supporters of Milosevic and Bulatovic took to the streets. On 14 January 1998, one day before Djukanovic's inauguration, they attempted to take over the government building. They failed. The police

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Post-modern Nation - Montenegro one year after independence

  1. Fault line of civilisations?
  2. Tribal reputation
  3. Facing the past
  4. The threat of civil war
  5. Cold war with Serbia (1997-2000)
  6. Fears of war
  7. Building institutions
  8. A short history of "Solania"
  9. Independence
  10. First stop: Europe's youngest capital
  11. Podgorica
  12. Near Podgorica: KAP and FDI
  13. Second stop: the North after independence
  14. Tribes and clans
  15. Wild beauty
  16. "Little Montenegro"
  17. Northern politics in 2007
  18. Third Stop: the Adriatic Coast
  19. Multiethnic Bar
  20. Catholics and Orthodox in Sutomore
  21. Kotor between East and West
  22. Montenegro's economic motor: Tourism
  23. Into the mountains
  24. Fourth stop: Cetinje
  25. Symbols of statehood
  26. The fight over orthodoxy

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