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On Mount Olympus - February 2007

On Mount Olympus

International organisations are made up of fallible men and women. However committed they are, when they take on the responsibility of governing a post-conflict territory, they must not be permitted to assume the posture and immunity of Olympian gods.

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On Mount Olympus

  1. On Mount Olympus
  2. The United Nations police mission in Bosnia
  3. Human rights and the vetting process
  4. The Fate of Husein Ramic
  5. The fate of Zoran Bijelic
  6. Police dog handlers Azmir and Camil (I)
  7. Police dog handlers Azmir and Camil (II)
  8. The Venice Commission’s Opinion
  9. The view from Mount Olympus: “We cannot err”
  10. The police officers’ fight for justice
  11. The Bosnian government acts?
  12. Renewed pressure
  13. Lessons: from Bosnia to Kosovo
  14. Future of the post-status Kosovo mission?

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