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About the Pristina Project

For the past months, ESI together with IKS, a newly founded Kosovo think tank, has been doing research on the socio-economic fabric of Pristina. As part of this project, IKS and ESI analysts have met with policymakers, businessmen, civil society and municipal officials to explore development trends and look at issues ranging from Pristina's cultural heritage to economic development and urban planning.

The Pristina project is part of a wider New Economic Geography of the Balkans project in partnership with the Austrian Erste Bank Privatstiftung. As a result of this work, two reports will be published shortly.

The first report will take a close look at Pristina's identity and cultural heritage protection in Kosovo. In light of the final status negotiations in Vienna, the issue of cultural heritage will be of great importance in the near future.

About IKS (Iniciativa Kosovare Për Stabilitet)

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