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15 Facts About Turkey - June 2007

15 Facts About Turkey

This picture story offers additional background information on our research on feminism and Islam in Turkey and highlights the report's main themes. Turkey has a long road ahead of it in narrowing its gender gap. In a recent international study, Turkey ranked an embarrassing 105th of 115 countries - far behind the worst-ranking EU member. Improving gender equality will involve tackling a series of deeply entrenched problems, from improving access to education in rural regions to removing the institutional and social barriers to women's participation in the workforce.

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15 Facts About Turkey

  1. Population, urbanization, female literacy in Turkey, 1935-2000
  2. Global Gender Gap Index 2006
  3. Population growth between 1990 and 2000
  4. Turkey's population
  5. Total female population
  6. Turkish households
  7. Marriages and Divorces in 2002
  8. Declining numbers of youth dependents
  9. Ratio of teachers and students
  10. Labor Force Statistics 2005
  11. Tensions between men and women
  12. Support for arranged marriages
  13. Turkey as a religious society
  14. Turks and secularism
  15. Turks and the headscarf

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