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Macedonian reactions

Kicevo centre by night- Copyright by Ljupco Zoreski (
Kicevo centre by night

These developments hurt the economic prospects of the ethnic Macedonian population. Of 25 newly hired in the hospital in 2004, only one was ethnic Macedonian, one Vlach. Finding employment in the state administration as an ethnic Macedonian is difficult these days, and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Kicevo's ethnic Macedonians deserve credit. There has been no public outcry, no protests, and while most are not happy about the new employment policies, they acquiesce and agree when pushed that the practice of earlier times was not fair. But even if outright confrontation could be avoided so far, the economic consequences are tough to swallow.

Ilija Kitanovski, a former VMRO-DPMNE mayor of Kicevo, put it like this: "It is good that more Albanians are included in the state administration. And it's clear to the Macedonians that this has to be that way. There is however a danger that this leads to frustrations on the Macedonian side if it takes too long before economic development provides positive prospects."

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