Capacity Building - May 2007

Capacity Building

The power of ideas

Imagine that you are a group of 3 to 4 young people, with some relevant but still limited experience, sitting in a café in Tirana, Pristina or Skopje.

You feel that public policy – both by your own government and by outside organisations having an impact on your government – is not based on an adequate understanding of what is going on in your country. You decide that instead of complaining you want to do something about this.

You are, at the same time sufficiently uncertain yourself about where your society is going and what the reasons of possible policy failures are. You also know that you live in a divided and complex society, and that any policy analysis must be presented in a way that is compelling and credible to a very broad range of readers to be taken seriously.

All you have initially is no (or in the best case a rather small) budget to finance yourselves, one room, and a lap-top.

What do you do?

Since 2004 ESI has offered capacity building seminars for people interested in answering this question.

Our effort started in Macedonia and Kosovo. It has since expanded to eight countries, from the Adriatic to the Caspian Sea.

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