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German Turks and Language skills

Berlin - Harlem
Turkish boy in Berlin. Photo: flickr/Yives

83 percent of Turks in Germany agree that speaking German is necessary to be successful (see table 1).

Table 1: Importance of German language skills for German Turks

66 percent
17 percent
6 percent
10 percent


fully agree that it is very important
agree somewhat
disagree somewhat
entirely disagree


Out of the total number of children of Turkish parents three quarters were born and grew up in Germany.

Only a third of these children speak German most of the time, however. 20 percent speak only Turkish or almost only Turkish.[58]

In line with the new immigration law, in force since early 2005, Germany offers integration courses to foreigners and people with migration background. These classes focus on the German language and basic facts about Germany.

Until June 2008 around 580,000 people attended these classes in Germany. In 2007 some 67,000 (13,500 of which were Turkish citizens) finished them.

[58] Stefan Luft, Abschied von Multikulti, p. 297, quoting PISA 2003 (published in 2005)

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