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The Centre for Political Technologies

Alexey Makarkin, Vice President of the Center for Political Technologies

The Center for Political Technologies (CPT), founded in 1991, is one of the oldest think tanks in Russia. The Center specialises in political and business consulting and works on promoting Russia's image in the world. CPT has organized a number of events and provided commentary on how to improve Russia's image after the August 2008 war with Georgia.

The Center has a permanent staff of 70 people working in 13 departments; in addition, it regularly hires experienced professionals on a part-time basis in order to support the implementation of different projects. Since 2002 CPT has been running, an award-winning analytical commentary-focused website. The site is updated daily and receives an average of 6,000 visits per day. The CPT's Department of CIS Countries, headed by political analyst Sergey Mikheyev, tracks developments in the post-Soviet space. It has also been involved in election campaigns in former Soviet republics.

CPT experts regularly publish in leading Russian newspapers and journals such as Kommersant, Profile, Vedomosti, and others, and appear on TV and the radio. While rarely going against mainstream political thinking, CPT analysts tend to embrace a more moderate, pragmatic position on Russian policy toward post-Soviet countries

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