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Robert Donia's Sarajevo - May 2007

Robert Donia's Sarajevo

Sarajevo has a special place in our hearts. It was here in 1999 that ESI was founded. Now we have teamed up with British publishers Hurst to bring you something of the history of the city. Where others have long lost interest Hurst continue to publish many of the best books on our part of the world. In 2006 they published Robert Donia's Sarajevo: A Biography. We think it is a great book and a must read for anyone interested in this city, its history and its people. We have made a selection of extracts, which cover the whole breadth of the Sarajevo story from its Ottoman foundation to today. The idea is to bring you a flavour of the story - but it is not the whole story. For that you need to buy the book!

Robert Donia is a Research Associate at the University of Michigan's Center for Russian and East European Studies, a Visiting Scholar in history at the University of California at San Diego, and holds a courtesy appointment as Associate Professor of History at the University of Sarajevo. He is the author of Islam under the Double Eagle: The Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1878-1914, and co-author with John V.A. Fine of Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Tradition Betrayed. He has served as an expert witness in seven war crimes trials at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague.

Why did he write the book? You can read an interview with him about that here.

To buy the book, click here.

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Robert Donia's Sarajevo

  1. City of Mahalas
  2. The Coming of the Jews
  3. Who? How Many?
  4. Ottoman City: Primacy and Prosperity
  5. 1697: Sword and Fire
  6. Rebels and Loyalists
  7. Change comes to Sarajevo
  8. 1878: Resistance
  9. 1878: The Battle of Sarajevo
  10. Benjamin von Kállay
  11. Building the Habsburg City
  12. Young Bosnia
  13. 28 June 1914
  14. The First War
  15. Forgotten City
  16. The Second War
  17. Valter Defends Sarajevo
  18. Tito is Ours
  19. Tito Baroque
  20. The Third War
  21. The Defense of Human Dignity
  22. War's Shadow

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