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Cutting Kosovo's lifeline - September 2006

Cutting Kosovo's lifeline

Current policy debates in Kosovo fail to address what might well be the most important development issue facing Kosovo today: the impact of migration. As a result, one of the most destabilising changes to affect Kosovo society for generations - the end of the era of mass migration - risks being entirely overlooked by those responsible for promoting stability and prosperity in Kosovo.

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Cutting Kosovo's lifeline

  1. Preface: Why we wrote this report
  2. The basic dilemma
  3. Remittances: myth and reality
  4. What are remittances?
  5. Estimated volume of remittances
  6. Europe's largest families
  7. How many people live in Kosovo?
  8. Key facts: What do rural Kosovars earn?
  9. Women and employment
  10. Education
  11. Poverty
  12. Emigration
  13. May God never give him peace!
  14. The size of the Diaspora
  15. Towards a new Era
  16. Annex: Village research methodology

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