Turkish Policy Quarterly Vol 3, No. 4 (Winter 2004)
"Turkey's European Odyssey: An Economic Perspective"

Nigar Göksel

Nigar Göksel

From the desk of the editor

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Daniel Gros

Kemal Dervis, Daniel Gros, Faik Öztrak, Firat Bayar, Yusuf Isik

"Only around 20-25 percent of the population is occupied by the modern part of the Turkish economy. This gives another indication of the size of the challenge for economic policy and, at the same time, the opportunity for growth. Turkish labor productivity (measured by value added per employee) is close to that of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, the three biggest countries among the new EU members. This is so despite the fact that gross added value per person employed in agriculture lowers the Turkish average ( with the exception of Poland in this case)."

TPQ-article: "Relative Income Growth and Convergence"

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Refik Erzan

Refik Erzan, Umut Kuzubas, Nilüfer Yildiz, Bogazici University

"The experience of Greece, Portugal and Spain indicate that a successful accession period with high growth and effective implementation of the reforms reduces and gradually eliminates the migration pressures. There is no a priori reason why Turkey would not go through a similiar experience."

TPQ-article: "Growth and Immigration Scenarios: Turkey-EU"

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Sinan Ülgen

Sinan Ülgen and Yiannis Zahariadis

"We should also highlight the ever-present perception problem related to the customs union in Turkey. The customs union has become the rallying point for all the anti-EU and anti-globalization campaigns in Turkey. The Turkish-EU trade deficit is depicted by merchantilist and populist circles as a new loss to the country. As a result, the public perception of the customs union is generally a negative one. It is seen as a price Turkey had to pay for enhancing its ties with the EU."

TPQ-article: "The Future of Turkey-EU Trade Relations: Deepening versus Widening"

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John Roberts

John Roberts, Specialist on the geopolitics of energy, Platts energy group

"As many as 10 current producers, collectively possessing 35.5 percent of global proven gas reserves, either have, or might reasonably be expected to have, an interest in directing exports to Europe via Turkey."

TPQ-article: "The Turkish Gate: Energy Transit and Security Issues"

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Bryane Michael

Bryane Michael, Linacre College, Oxford University, UK

"In both the domestic and international popular press, Turkey is largely painted to be extremely corrupt. Yet the real question is not whether Turkey is corrupt or not-but whether it is comparable to countries which have already acceded."

TPQ-article: "The Role of Anti-Corruption in the Turkish Accession to the European Union"

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Ali Babacan

Ali Babacan, Turkish Minister of State in charge of economy

"Economic policymaking in 2005 and beyond faces a very important challenge: convergence. By the time the whole process is completed, Turkey's economic structure will be substantially changed."

TPQ-article: "Turkey and the EU: A new Era"

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