About ESI research

"To amaze, inspire, and inform"

A conversation about Balkan Express / Return to Europe with ESI

Before we start: what exactly is ESI?

We are a think tank focusing on Southeast Europe. Our team comprises 17 colleagues who work on the region between the Adriatic and the Caspian Sea. They live in London, Brussels, Berlin and Vienna, in Belgrade, Tirana, Pristina and Istanbul and in Tbilisi, Yerevan, and Baku. In addition there are our constant partners in Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania. You could say we are a pretty European Organisation.

Presenting ESI research in Vienna, 2007
Presenting ESI research in Vienna, 2007

So you write reports, hoping that someone will read them?

Well, not exactly. The research for one of our reports takes, on average, eight months. That sort of effort only pays off if the report is read by tens of thousands not by a few hundred. That's why we send every report to more than 27,000 recipients through our newsletter. We accept many invitations from universities and ministries, which gives us the chance to present our research. Media from around the world now report regularly about our work. In this way people, whom we don't know, hear about us. They then visit our website