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top_logoAravot (Morning) was established in 1994. It is an independent newspaper. Its circulation is around 3,000 and it is among one of the most and much read respected papers in Armenia. Among the printed media Aravot has been one of the leading papers to cover the Armenian-Turkish relations. According to a recent study funded by Eurasia Partnership Foundation and carried out by the NGO called Journalists' Team for Sustainable Future, in the period of 2006-2009 Aravot published 350 articles on Armenia-Turkey.

092441122165Aravot daily was founded by Aram Abrahamyan (photo), who has remained the paper's editor in chief ever since. A musician by training, Abrahamyan received his PhD in Art Theory from the Yerevan State Conservatory. After graduating he worked as a music teacher. He became a researcher at the Arts Institute of the Academy of Sciences where he worked until 1991, the year of Armenia's independence. It was then that he became involved in political journalism. From 1992-1994 he was the spokesman for President Levon Ter Petrosyan.

Abrahamyan champions liberal views, as does Aravot. In his editorials he expresses his support for the normalisation of Armenian-Turkish relations and criticizes nationalist rhetoric. He is a regular panellist on Armenian television. Abrahamyan participated in the Yerevan Press Club and organised an Armenian-Turkish project for journalists. He has visited Turkey.


082637183073Anna Israyelyan, another well-known columnist, has been at Aravot since 1997.





082637183073Margarit Yesayan has been a columnist at Aravot since 1996.





Aravot Daily
Arshakunyats Ave., Building 2a, 15th Floor
0023, Yerevan

August 2010

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