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top_logoAravot (Morning) was established in 1994. It is an independent newspaper. Its circulation is around 3,000 and it is among one of the most and much read respected papers in Armenia. Among the printed media Aravot has been one of the leading papers to cover the Armenian-Turkish relations. According to a recent study funded by Eurasia Partnership Foundation and carried out by the NGO called Journalists' Team for Sustainable Future, in the period of 2006-2009 Aravot published 350 articles on Armenia-Turkey.

092441122165Aravot daily was founded by Aram Abrahamyan (photo), who has remained the paper's editor in chief ever since. A musician by training, Abrahamyan received his PhD in Art Theory from the Yerevan State Conservatory. After graduating he worked as a music teacher. He became a researcher at the Arts Institute of the Academy of Sciences where he worked until 1991, the year of Armenia's independence. It was then that he became involved in political journalism. From 1992-1994 he was the spokesman for President Levon Ter Petrosyan.

Abrahamyan champions liberal views, as does Aravot. In his editorials he expresses his support for the normalisation of Armenian-Turkish relations and criticizes nationalist rhetoric. He is a regular panellist on Armenian television. Abrahamyan participated in the Yerevan Press Club and organised an Armenian-Turkish project for journalists. He has visited Turkey.


082637183073Anna Israyelyan, another well-known columnist, has been at Aravot since 1997.





082637183073Margarit Yesayan has been a columnist at Aravot since 1996.





Aravot Daily
Arshakunyats Ave., Building 2a, 15th Floor
0023, Yerevan Armenia

Tel: +374 10 528752 (Editor-in-Chief, +374 10 568868)
Fax: +374 10 528752, +374 10 529752


AZG (Nation)

AZG_logoAzg was founded in 1991. In 1992 it became a daily. The paper's founding editor Hagop Avedikian is a member of the Ramkavar Liberal Party. Since 1999 Azg has been available online in four languages, including Turkish. It thoroughly covers issues relating to the Armenian diaspora, Armenian culture, Armenia-Turkey relations, Middle Eastern and Turkish politics. It has a circulation of around 3.000.

Azg has covered Turkish-Armenian relations consistently and extensively, paying attention to Turkish domestic politics, the Istanbul Armenian community, etc. Azg often translates articles from Turkish newspapers; it also publishes articles from Armenian diaspora newspapers.

050645203820The Lebanese-born Hakob Avedikyan (photo) studied philology at Yerevan State University. He later returned to Lebanon, where he worked for Zartonk, the official newspaper of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (Ramkavar), serving as its editor in chief from 1980 to 1990. In 1990 he founded Azg, becoming its editor in chief. He keenly follows and writes on Turkish politics and the Armenian community in Istanbul. He speaks Turkish.




main20090820_2Hakob Chakryan, an Armenian from Turkey, is an analyst/columnist specialising in Turkey and Armenian-Turkish relations at Azg. He is fluent in Turkish. Chakryan's family came from Yozgat and lived in Istanbul till 1968, when his father decided to move to Soviet Armenia. Chakryan became a scholar in the Oriental Studies Institute at the Academy of Sciences, then in the History Institute, all while working for Azg. He is a very well known Turkologist, often delivering lectures, holding press conferences on Armenian-Turkish relations and Turkish politics.


Azg Daily
47 Hanrapetutian str.
Yerevan 0010

Tel: +374 10 529353, +374 10 581841, +374 10 582483;
Fax: +374 10 562863


Haykakan Zhamanak (Armenian Times)

logoHaykakan Zhamanak was founded in 1997, closed soon thereafter and was reopened in 1999 by Nikol Pashinyan. The paper has always been critical towards the governments of presidents Kocharyan and Sargsyan. Before the 2007 parliamentary elections the paper openly supported the opposition movement: Pashinyan became a leading activist of the "Alternative" Political Movement, a grouping that included most of Armenia's major opposition forces. Pashinyan then became an active member of the Popular Movement, which supported Levon Ter Petrosyan in the February 2008 presidential elections. He also organised and headed most of the post-election opposition rallies. When bloody clashes took place between opposition activists and the police on 1 March 2008, Pashinyan went into hiding, accused of inciting people to violence in an attempt to violently overthrow the government. He surrendered to the authorities on 1 July 2009. Immediately after being arrested he announced his candidacy for a vacant seat (in the downtown district of Yerevan) in the National Assembly. Running his campaign out of a prison cell, Pashinyan lost the by-election. (The opposition accused the government of falsifying the elections). Though Pashinyan remains in jail, his articles and op-eds appear regularly in Haykakan Zhamanak.

The newspaper publishes statements by the opposition Popular Movement (known as the "Armenian National Congress" since mid-2008), speeches by Ter Petrosyan, and detailed accounts of all opposition activities. The average circulation of the newspaper is around 3.000, though in periods of heightened political activity it can reach 10.000.

As one of Armenia's biggest and most influential dailies, Haykakan Zhamanak attentively covers Armenian-Turkish relations. The paper's position, in line with Ter Petrosyan's, is to support the normalisation process while criticising the government's way of pursuing it. According to the Eurasia Partnership Foundation's research on Armenian-Turkish media (see below), the paper has published 230 articles on the subject from 2006-09. The news genre is mainly commentary/analysis.

nikol-for-website-1_resizeNikol Pashinyan (born in 1975 in Ijevan) studied philology at Yerevan State University. He has been involved in professional journalism since 1993. From 1994-1997 he worked for Lragir, an independent online newspaper openly critical of the government and its policies. In 1999 he became the chief editor of Haykakan Zhamanak. Pashinyan's wife, Anna Hakobyan, the newspaper's co-founder, covers Armenian foreign policy issues, including relations with Turkey. Hakobyan is also the director of Haykakan Zhamanak's publishing company.



Haykakan Zhamanak
37 Israyelyan Street
Yerevan, Armenia

Tel: +37410 581175, +37410 544339


Golos Armenii (Voice of Armenia)

golos_armenii_new_auto_autoGolos Armenii (Voice of Armenia) is a Russian-language newspaper whose readership extends outside Armenia, to Armenian communities in Russia, the US etc.

The editor of Golos is the Tbilisi-born Armenian Flora Nakhashkaryan. Another Tbilisi-born Armenian, Marina Grigoryan, is the paper's main columnist, covering a range of topics related to Armenian-Turkish affairs. Nakhashkaryan, a philologist by training and a journalist since 1971, became Golos' editor in 1992, one year after its launch. Columnist Marina Grigoryan, also a philologist, previously worked for newspapers like Communist, Respublika Armenii, Novoye Vremya (both Russian-language Armenian newspapers). She has been at Golos since 1993. In 2004 she temporarily left Golos to become the head of the Information and Public Relations Department for Armenia's Human Rights Ombudsman, where she remained till 2006. She also worked for Radio France International for six years. Since 2008 she edits the Russian version of Armenia Now magazine (

32With the launch of the Armenia-Turkey normalisation process, Golos had to find ways to square its traditionally sceptical approach towards the process with its support for the Sargsyan government. However, with the suspension of the ratification process of the protocols in the Armenian Parliament and the Armenian government's critical stance towards Turkey Golos is able to comfortably pursue its critical stance on Armenia-Turkey related issues.



Golos Armenii
Arshakunyats Ave., Building 2a, 7th Floor
0023 Yerevan Armenia

Tel: +374 10 529245
Editor-in-Chief: +374 10 527723
Fax: +374 10 528908,


Marina Grigoryan:

Tel. +374 10 52 88 39 (office)


Hayots Ashkharh (Armenian World)

132 Hayoc AshkharhHayots Ashkhar was founded in 1997 by a private owner. It is a highly opinionated (currently pro-government) newspaper with a circulation of 3.500. During the Kocharyan period it was very critical of Armenian-Turkish normalisation, but less so when Sarsgyan re-initiated the process. The paper has provided extensive coverage of Armenian-Turkish relations, publishing 344 articles on the subject during 2006-2009. Hayots Ashkhar's founding editor is Gagik Mkrtchyan (photo). Before 1997 Mkrtchyan worked for Golos Armenii and Yerkir (the newspaper of Dashnaktsutyun, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, banned in 1995). Vardan Grigoryan is the paper's main columnist on Armenia-Turkey related issues.

Hayots Ashkharh
38, Tumanyan str
Yerevan - Armenia

Tel: +374 10 53 88 65 (office)
Fax: +374 10 533221


August 2010

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