People's loan bank, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Photo: Alan Grant
People's Loan Bank, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Photo: Alan Grant

This section offers 60 key texts and background documents on the EU accession process of Slovenia, covering key EU documents, books and articles as well as a special section on the Slovenian-Croatian border dispute. More general documents on the EU's enlargement process can be accessed here.

Contractual Relations

The major agreements between Slovenia and the EU throughout the accession process, from the Europe Agreement to the Accession treaty:


Key European Council conclusions

The European Council, as the highest decision making body of the EU, took key decisions on EU enlargement, resolving issues that member states could not agree on at a lower level. Here is a selection of key European Council conclusions that were of crucial importance for Slovenia:


Key EU strategy documents

In 1998 the EC began issuing so-called "composite papers" reporting on the enlargement process in the different candidate countries. These were later replaced by "Enlargement Strategy Papers". Here are the ones which covered Slovenia:


EU monitoring reports

All official reports on Slovenia prepared by DG Enlargement, including the "opinion" on Slovenia's application in 1997.


Pre-accession funds and European Funds

For the European Commission's annual reports on the EU's pre-accession funds, click here. For annual reports on EU structural and cohesion funds since Slovenia's EU accession, see here.


The Slovenian-Croatian border dispute

There is hardly any information on the dispute that does not originate from one of the parties involved. The Slovenian side has been more proactive in making its position available on paper while Croatia has kept its cards – namely, its arguments and supportive evidence – closer to its chest.

Slovenian documents

Croatian documents

UN Documents

Academic Analysis


Books, reports and articles on Slovenia's EU accession

A selection of various texts on Slovenia's EU accession process, including reports from the 1990s (unfortunately, many of these are not available online):

  • Janez Potocnik, Fedor Cerne, Emil Erjavec and Mojmir Mrak, "The Accession of Slovenia to the EU", in: George Vassiliou, The Accession Story. The EU from 15 to 25 Countries, Oxford Univ. Press, 2007, pp. 343-370.
  • Vladimir Lavrac and Boris Majcen, Economic Issues of Slovenia's Accession to the EU, Ljubljana, Institute for Economic Research, September 2006.
  • Bojko Bucar and Irena Brinar, "Slovenia – Political Transformation and European Integration", in: Anselm Skuhra (ed.), The Eastern Enlargement of the European Union. Efforts and Obstacles on the Way to Membership, Studienverlag, 2005, pp. 93-133.
  • András Inotai and Peter Stanovnik, "EU Membership: Rationale, Costs, and Benefits", in: Mojmir Mrak, Matija Rojec and Carlos Silva-Jáuregui (eds), Slovenia. From Yugoslavia to the European Union, World Bank, 2004, pp. 353-366.
  • Joze Mencinger, "Transition to a National and a Market Economy: A Gradualist Approach", in: Mojmir Mrak, Matija Rojec and Carlos Silva-Jáuregui (eds), Slovenia. From Yugoslavia to the European Union, World Bank, 2004, pp. 67-82.
  • Janez Potocnik and Jaime Garcia Lombardero, "Slovenia's Road to Membership in the European Union", in: Mojmir Mrak, Matija Rojec and Carlos Silva-Jáuregui (eds), Slovenia. From Yugoslavia to the European Union, World Bank, 2004, pp. 367-380.
  • James Gow and Cathie Carmichael, Slovenia and the Slovenes. A Small State and the New Europe, Hurst, 2000.
  • World Bank, Slovenia. Economic Transformation and EU Accession, Volume II: Main Report, 1999.
  • M. Mrak, M. Rojec and J. Potocnik, Slovenia: Strategy of the Republic of Slovenia for Accesssion to the European Union, Institute for Macroeconomic Analysis and Development, 1998.
  • V. Bobek, J. Potocnik, V. Ravbar, M. Rojec, P. Stanovnik and F. Stiblar (eds.), Slovenia: The Strategy of International Economic Relations – From Associated to Full-fledged Membership in the EU, Ministry of Economic Relations and Development, 1996.
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs, Strategy for Increasing Competitiveness Capabilities of Slovenian Industry, 1996.
  • Janez Potocnik, Marjan Senjur and Franjo Stiblar, Approaching Europe – Growth, Competitiveness and Integration, Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development, 1995.



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