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University Library Bratislava. Photo: flickr/GflaiG
University Library Bratislava. Photo: flickr/GflaiG

This section offers 60 key texts and background documents on the EU accession process of Slovakia, covering key EU documents, books and articles. More general documents on the EU's enlargement process can be accessed here.

Slovak politics and EU accession

The following books, articles and laws all relate to different aspects of political live in Slovakia over the last 20 years, from the political deficiencies of the Meciar era and developments during the EU accession process to the return of populist politics after the 2006 parliamentary elections. Unfortunately, most of them are not available online.


Identity and the Hungarian minority

Here a selection of articles and books on the Hungarian minority in Slovakia, how it was affected through the EU accession process and what happened after accession. Further below you find English translations of the state language law, related implementation guidelines and comments by the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities and the Venice Commission.

Books and academic articles

Key legislative texts and comments in English

General reading

The following selection of texts on Slovakia's EU accession process focuses on the crucial period of 1998 to 2002. Following years of rule by the controversial Meciar government, Slovakia was viewed as trailing behind the other candidate states. In an effort to catch up with the Central European frontrunners, it eventually managed to complete the EU accession negotiations in a remarkable 34 months.


Contractual Relations

The major agreements between Slovakia and the EU during the accession process:


Key European Council Conclusions

Three European Council decisions were crucial for Slovakia. The 1997 Luxembourg summit launched the accession process for all ten East European former communist countries. Due to its unsatisfactory democratic record, however, Slovakia was left out of the first group of candidates to begin accession talks. The EU eventually decided to launch accession negotiations with Slovakia – along with Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Romania – at the 1999 Helsinki European Council. The December 2002 Copenhagen summit confirmed the conclusion of negotiations with ten accession countries, including Slovakia.


EU monitoring reports

A selection of official reports on Slovakia prepared by DG Enlargement, including the 1997 opinion on Slovakia's application (which pointed to a number of problems in democratic governance) and all regular reports on Slovakia prepared by the European Commission:


Economic catch-up during accession process

This section includes various reports, studies and articles on Slovakia's successful economic reforms from the late 1990s until after accession.



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