18 May 2011
OSI/ESI event in Brussels: The state of Turkish democracy on the eve of the elections
Gerald Knaus – Neil Campell – Kerem Öktem
Gerald Knaus – Neil Campell – Kerem Öktem

This closed-door discussion aimed to explore the state of Turkish democracy on the eve of elections on 12 June. The speakers examined the commitment of the governing AKP to democratic reform, human rights and the EU accession process. They also discussed the Ergenekon trials and civil-military relations; the likely implications of the elections for constitutional reform and Turkish minorities; and what role outsiders, in particular the EU institutions, can play at this moment to support progressive reforms in Turkey.


  • Gerald Knaus, Chairman, European Stability Initiative; Associate Fellow, Carr Center, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Kerem Öktem, author of "Angry Nation. Turkey since 1989"; Research Fellow at the European Studies Centre, St Antony's College, University of Oxford

Moderator: Neil Campbell (OSI)

This event was jointly organised by OSI Brussels and ESI and co-funded by the European Union

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