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Foreigners, Turks and Crime

Attack on German pensioner in Munich on 20 December 2007
Attack by two Greek and Turkish youths on a German pensioner in a Munich subway station on 20 December 2007

In 2007 foreign citizens made up 8.2 percent of the German population.. At the same time, they accounted for 21 percent of all criminal suspects.

The share of foreigners among criminal suspects has been declining since the 1990s:


34 percent
25 percent
21 percent

If crimes related to residence permits and asylum claims are deducted, foreigners account for 19 percent of all criminal suspects in 2007.

58 percent of all organised crime suspects were foreigners in 2007 (10 percent were Turkish citizens).

Table 1: Crime in Berlin (2006)[57]

13.9 percent
25.9 percent
30.9 percent

of the population are foreigners
of criminal suspects are foreigners
of all serial perpetrators (10 and more committed crimes in one year) are foreigners; 18.9 percent of all serial perpetrators are Turkish citizens


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