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Radu Tinu
Radu Tinu

The head of a large company in the western region of Romania, Radu Tinu is a successful businessman. Under the Ceausescu regime, he held a senior position in the Timisoara branch of the Securitate.

Radu Tinu completed his law degree in Bucharest. It was during his studies that the came into contact with the Securitate:

"At the end of my final year of study the people from the Securitate came. We spoke and they suggested I join the service of the Securitate.
"In 1982 I was transferred to Timisoara, where I was acting head of department. After that I was promoted to deputy head in Timisoara, a position I held until 1989."

Tinu remembers Metropolitan Nicolae Corneanu: "No one could resist being recruited in the 1950s. He had a file of activity from 1948-1988", he says. He claims that in 1989 he personally burned the Metropolitan's file, because "everything in it was a joke."

Tinu was the deputy head of the Timiosoara branch of the Securitate until the revolution, during which over 100 people were killed in the city.

Tinu was arrested. After two years in jail, he was released, however, because of lack of evidence. Between 1992 and 1995 Tinu worked for a special unit of the new State Security department conducting counter-espionage as an undercover businessman. In 1995 he was fired from the Secret Service.

Realising that the commercial activities that served as a cover for his espionage worked out quite well, Tinu decided to give traditional business a try. He began working as a logistics manager for a Swiss company contracted by furniture makers IKEA and METRO. In 1998 he moved to InterAgro, one of Romania's biggest business groups, covering activities as diverse as agriculture, oil refining and financial services. Tinu is now InterAgro's representative for the West Region of Romania and is in charge of a huge silo, a cigarette factory and an insurance company.

Radu Tinu's involvement with the Securitate is widely known. He makes no secret of it.

"I told all the companies I've worked for that I was a former member of the Securitate, but no-one was interested."

For more background on Romania's struggle to come to terms with the legacy of an extremely repressive regime, see shadows of the past.

September 2008

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