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The Civilitas FoundationCivilitas Foundation is an NGO founded by former Foreign Affairs Minister Vardan Oskanian. The Director of the Foundation is Salpi Ghazaryan, a former special assistant to Minister Oskanian. The Foundation has two programme areas: the Council on International Relations and the Democracy and Development Initiative.

Through the Council on International Relations, Civilitas highlights Armenia's role in global and regional processes. The Development and Democracy Initiative leverages domestic, international and diaspora resources to affect change in Armenia. In its support of democratization, Civilitas focuses on education and media. In promoting uniform development, the Foundation promotes rural development, environmental awareness and education.

On 7 October 2010 Civilitas hosted Ragıp Zarakolu, Turkish activist, one of the founders of the Human Rights Association in Turkey, together with the authors of the “Dialogue on the Armenian Taboo” published in France, Michel Marian and Ahmet Insel. The guests were visiting Armenia within the framework of a week-long book fair in Yerevan. Mr. Zarakolu met with the founder of Civilitas and former foreign affairs minister Vartan Oskanian.


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