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Internews Media Support NGO promotes freedom of expression and open media. The organization’s activities proceed from the belief that civil society cannot exist apart from independent and strong mass media. Towards this end, Internews organizes training courses for established and emerging journalists, promotes media literacy, advocates for improved media legislation and protects journalists' rights. The NGO develops multi-format information on human rights, European integration, civic conflict, migration, elections, national minorities, gender and many other issues for a wide range of target audiences.

Internews has been working in Armenia since December 1995 as a branch of the US based Internews Network. The Armenian Media Support Internews NGO was registered in 1996. The NGO is a founder and member of Internews International Association.



3 Arshakunyats Ave, 3rd floor, Yerevan, Armenia
Phone: 010 586320
Fax: + 374 10 56-90-41


Armenia-Turkey related project:

Dialogue-Building between Turkey and Armenia (July 2010-December 2011)

The project expands opportunities for independent reporters and media outlets in Armenia and Turkey to develop and disseminate balanced information on their neighbor’s cultural, political and economic context. For this purpose Internews supports Armenian and Turkish media professionals to carry out extended field reporting within their neighboring country. Through an exchange tour they will collect alternative views of government representatives, political party leaders, social activists and industry colleagues. This initiative will yield bi-lateral flow of news, social and analytical reports. Further, Internews trains students of university film and journalism departments to documentary film techniques and provides mentoring for the production of small films featuring a social theme from their neighboring country.

The project includes:

  • seminar on documentary film production
  • educational and cultural training
  • individual consultation on the topic of the film
  • meetings, research and discussions
  • filmmaking

Six participants each will be selected from Armenia and Turkey. The Armenian participants will produce 10-minutes-long documentaries in Turkey, while their Turkish counterparts will do the same in Armenia. The films will reflect the life of the people in the neighboring country through the eyes of the authors.

 The project is jointly implemented by “Internews” Media Support NGO, Yerevan Press club, GPOT (Turkey), Cam film (Turkey) INTERNEWS NETWORK.

“Dialogue building between Armenia and Turkey” is implemented with the assistance of The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL), US Department of State.

August 2010

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