Crowds in Pristina, Kosovo, celebrating independence day on 17 Feb 2008. Photo: flickr/Foreign and Commonwealth office
Crowds in Pristina, Kosovo, celebrating independence day on 17 Feb 2008. Photo: Foreign and Commonwealth office

Chronology on Kosovo

September 2010

Visa Strategy/Roadmap for Kosovo?

9 Feb. 2010

The European Council appoints the new European Commission 2010–2014 with the support of the European Parliament. The new Commissioners in charge of the visa liberalisation process for the Western Balkans are Ms Cecilia Malmström, Commissioner for Home Affairs, and Mr Stefan Fule, Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy.

19 Dec. 2009

Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia begin to enjoy visa-free travel to Schengen countries.

8–9 Dec. 2009

EU General Affairs Council "stresses that Kosovo should also benefit from the perspective of eventual visa liberalisation (without prejudice to Member States' positions on status) once all conditions are met and invites the Commission to move forward with a structured approach to bring the people of Kosovo closer to the EU".

15 July 2009

Commission submits proposal to introduce visa-free travel for Macedonia, as well as Serbia (without Kosovo residents) and Montenegro if the two countries meet a few outstanding requirements; no change for Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina since they do not yet fulfil the roadmap conditions; Kosovo (which has not been part of the visa liberalisation process) to be added to the black list.

15 May 2009

Kosovo unilaterally adopts a "Roadmap Visa Liberalization with Kosovo".

17 Feb. 2008

Kosovo declares independence.

1 Jan. 2008

Visa facilitation and readmission agreements enter into force in five Western Balkan countries: Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. As Kosovo is not yet independent, no such agreements have been negotiated with Kosovo.

6 Nov. 2007

In its Enlargement Strategy, the Commission proposes to open visa liberalisation dialogues with Western Balkan countries and establish visa roadmaps for them.

20 Nov. 2006

Negotiations of visa facilitation and readmission agreements with five Western Balkan countries are launched: Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

21 June 2003

EU/Western Balkans Summit in Thessaloniki acknowledges "the importance the peoples of the Western Balkans attach to the perspective of liberalisation of the EU's visa regime towards them" and promises discussions with the Commission about the necessary reforms and requirements, but there is no serious follow-up.

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