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Andy Bearpark – Eggert – Thomas Carothers/Andy Bearpark/Verena

Who learns lessons?


The Lessons Learned and Analysis Unit (LLA) was set up by ESI and the EU Pillar of UNMIK under its head Andrew Bearpark to address a practical problem: how to ensure that good analysis of local conditions is available to policy makers in a complex post-conflict situation. Most international missions cannot afford the luxury of researching complex issues in depth. In most missions, analytical work is desk-based. Yet there are many questions facing a state-building mission that cannot be answered in this way.

The LLA was an experiment that lasted more than three years, from 2001 to 2004. The basic organisational principle of the LLA was that of the "independent insider". The research programme was determined at the beginning of each year between the Pillar senior staff and ESI. Then the ESI-LLA team decided itself how to undertake its research. Gerald was director of the Kosovo LLA. Other ESI staff were led by Verena, who moved to Pristina.

The focus was on big strategic issues: UNMIK's experience with privatisation; the economic future of Mitrovica; property rights; the political economy of Kosovo Serbs; the state of the rural economy. Two EU Pillar Heads and four heads of UNMIK drew on the LLA's advice.

A core value of the LLA was "transparency": every report produced was made publicly available so that it could be widely discussed.

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