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Ohrid Seminar - Kristof/Marcus/Gerald

The Ohrid seminar

March 2004

ESI's capacity building project began in spring 2004 with two seminars on the shores of Lake Ohrid. There was a clear need for local policy institutes undertaking empirical research in the Western Balkans. The project was designed to encourage and support young people with commitment to create something new.

With support of the Macedonian Open Society Institute, two groups of about a dozen people each were selected. The criteria: some work experience and education, younger than 35, and a high level of motivation. The seminars were to teach ESI's methodology and experience: how we do field research, how we move from case studies to advocacy.

The impact of these Ohrid seminars exceeded all expectations - within months, the two groups had each created their own institutions and begun preparing economic portraits of Macedonian regions. One think tank, CRPM, focused on development trends in Eastern Macedonia while the other, Reaktor, began with studying villages on the shores of Lake Ohrid.

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