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Enis in Sakaltutan (Kayseri Province)

Turkish Village

The ESI Turkey team travelled extensively throughout Anatolia. It established contacts with Turkish media and the academic community in Istanbul, and with other think tanks, especially Kemal Dervis' EDP (today EDAM).

An early focus was Central Anatolia and the province of Kayseri. Conventional wisdom portrays Anatolia as fundamentally non-European in character: a patriarchal, Islamic society rooted in the unchanging rhythms of village life, centred on wheat, sheep and hand-woven carpets. ESI set out to discover the reality behind the myths, and discovered a society in the midst of extremely rapid social and economic change. Kayseri was a mirror of trends across the Turkish heartland.

The ESI team started with case studies of social change in rural communities and looked at the impact of agricultural reforms and the consequences of urbanisation and internal migration.

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