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ESI Meeting in Rome - ESI staff in Pristina - ESI Meeting in Berlin – Istanbul

Common Vision

So who is ESI?

There is no single major donor. Our publications are team products with no individual authors. Staff and members come from all parts of Europe, the US and even Australia. The administrative headquarters are in Berlin, where ESI is registered as a non-profit association, but we are not really a "German" think tank. If any one country is over-represented among our staff, it is small Austria - though ESI is yet to receive any support from the Austrian government.

ESI has survived and prospered as a proudly independent network, largely virtual, until we gather in some European city. It is held together by a set of common experiences and a shared interest in the future of the Balkans and European enlargement.

In the end, ESI is best understood not through its affiliations, but by its convictions. We believe in the power of Europe to promote peace and prosperity in its neighbourhood, and in the potential of Europe's southeastern neighbours to enrich and strengthen the Union. It is a vision of Europe that unites this network of friends.

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