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„A portal to Balkan diversity"

"A portal to Balkan diversity"

"A portal to Balkan diversity and vibrant centre of excellence"

January 2008

In January 2008, the Swiss daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung wrote on ESI's work on the Balkans. The article "A portal to Balkan diversity" ("Ein Portal zur Vielfalt des Balkans") praised ESI for its innovative approach. These are some quotes from the article:

"The Balkans are better than their reputation. In its eight years of operation the independent expert organization European Stability Initiative has evolved into a vibrant centre of excellence and has successfully rebutted some of the most persistent clichés."

"Think tank, centre of excellence, research group, brain trust, non-governmental organization or just NGO?  Founded in 1999 in Sarajevo, the European Stability Initiative (ESI) doesn't fit any straight-jacket - which is if anything one of the reasons for its remarkable success."

"Besides publishing reports periodically, and unlike other expert groups such as the International Crisis Group, ESI offers a wealth of attractively presented information on the Balkans on its website ("

"In its eight years of operation, ESI has had a substantial impact on international policy towards South Eastern Europe", ESI writes about itself. True, says an insider who strongly praises the partly-deliberately provocative approach of ESI's work; "It was high time the assessment of the situation should not be left to those diplomats who experience their duty tours in the Balkans as a 'disciplinary transfer'."

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