Ministry Of Finance And Economy

  1. Budget schedules according to Budget Regulation
  2. Government of Kosovo Budget 2004
    June 2004
  3. Ministry of Finance and Economy Final Budget Report 2003
  4. UNMIK Administrative Direction 2002/7 Implementing UNMIK Direction 2002/3 on Profit Taxes in Kosovo
    March 2002
  5. UNMIK Administrative Direction 2002/8 Implementing UNMIK Direction 2002/4 on Personal Income Taxes in Kosovo
    March 2002
  6. UNMIK Administrative Direction 2002/13 Implementing UNMIK Regulation 2001/35 on Pensions In Kosovo
    June 2002
  7. Ministry of Finance and Economy, Macroeconomic Unit Kosovo Economy in 2002
  8. International Crisis Group Kosovo: A Strategy for Economic Development
    December 2001
  9. Macroeconomic Policy Department, MFE Medium Term Macroeconomic Background to the Budget for 2005
  10. Macroeconomic Policy Department Monthly Macroeconomic Monitor
    April 2004
  11. Macroeconomic Policy Department Monthly Macroeconomic Monitor November 2003
    November 2003
  12. UNMIK Regulation 2001/35 On Pensions
    December 2001
  13. UNMIK Regulation 2002/4 On Personal Income Taxes
    February 2002
  14. UNMJK Regulation 2002/3 On Profit Taxes
    February 2002
  15. UNMIK Regulation 20G3/41 On the Approval of the Kosovo Consolidated Budget and Authorising Expenditures for the period 1 January to 31 December 2004
  16. UNMIK Administrative Direction 2002/3 On the establishment of the Central Fiscal Authority and other related matters
    February 2002
  17. UNMIK Regulation 2002/10 On the Establishment of the Economic and Fiscal Council
    May 2002
  18. SAP Tracking Mechanism for Kosovo, Questionnaire on economic issues
    March 2003
  19. The Kosovo General Government 2003 Budget
  20. The New Kosovo Government 2002 Budget
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