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1 November 2007
ESI at 'Building Europe's East' conference in Tbilisi - meetings with potential partners and young researchers

Between 1-7 November Nigar Goksel was in Georgia attending the 'Building Europe's East' conference, hosted by President Saakashvili and taking steps towards shaping ESI's research agenda in the country. She traveled to the Georgian-Turkish border which is in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, on the Black Sea Cost, visiting the developing city of Batumi; to the ski resorts close to the border with Russia ( which is closed); and the easternmost corner, the Kakheti province, bordering Azerbaijan. As the demonstrations were ongoing (still peaceful at the time), Nigar met potential partners and young researchers, talking about what had changed in Georgia for the ordinary citizen since the Rose Revolution, how the EU Membership Action Plan was being implemented and how places like Kutaisi were fairing economically and socially.

Nigar Göksel in Batumi
Nigar Göksel in Batumi

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