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6 May 2016
Delphi – ESI at workshop on the effects of the refugee crisis in Germany and Greece
Alexandra Stiglmayer. Photo: SOEG
Alexandra Stiglmayer. Photo: SOEG

ESI Senior Analyst Alexandra Stiglmayer participated in a work shop aimed at analysing the pressures that the refugee crisis has created in Greece and Germany, and on finding solutions to defuse the situation and master the challenge. The workshop under the name "Refugees in Greece and Germany: An Epochal Challenge" was organised by the Munich-based Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft (Southeast Europe Association) in Delphi, Greece.

In her presentation, Alexandra outlined ESI's "Merkel Plan", which has already reduced the numbers of refugees crossing from Turkey to Greece, but pointed out its weak implementation that makes it fragile and incomplete.

After the event, she spent a few days in Athens doing research on the implementation of the EU-Turkey agreement.

Photo: SOEG
Photo: SOEG

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