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The Fate of Husein Ramic

Husein Ramic

Husein Ramic, 37, used to work for Bosnia's State Border Service (SBS). In April 2003, four months after UNMIBH had left the country, he was fired. The SBS explained that he had not received IPTF certification, which was the condition for continued employment. As the reason IPTF had cited the lack of valid education credentials.

Ramic was shocked. He had never been contacted by IPTF; and in 2001 he had passed the selection procedure that IPTF itself had organised for the recruitment for SBS officers. "How can my diploma be invalid if I passed an IPTF competition with it?" he asks.

Ramic's name showed up on a list, signed by the IPTF Commissioner, with the names of 43 SBS officers whom IPTF denied certification. The list was dated 31 December 2002, the last day of UNMIBH's mandate. Based on this list, Ramic and most of the other listed officers were dismissed (the SBS apparently kept a few well-connected officers in place in defiance of IPTF). None of the dismissed officers had been personally notified by IPTF. None of them had the opportunity to use the limited appeals procedure that IPTF's certification process envisaged. Some men still do not know why they were not certified.

Ramic fought hard, but he has not been able to regain his job. He has also not been able to find other permanent employment. He says people are suspicious of IPTF-disqualified policemen and do not want to get in trouble with the international community in Bosnia. To provide for his family of four, he has resorted to casual labour on construction sites and in warehouses in Bosnia and Slovenia.

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