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Education Education

On average, the population of Kosovo has about 10 years of education with almost a two year gap between urban and rural areas.

In addition, gender differences in attainment are large, with gaps for women of more than two years among Albanians in rural areas.

Not even 30 percent of rural Albanian girls finish 8 classes.

Source: World Bank, Kosovo Poverty Assessment 2001

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Cutting Kosovo's lifeline

  1. Preface: Why we wrote this report
  2. The basic dilemma
  3. Remittances: myth and reality
  4. What are remittances?
  5. Estimated volume of remittances
  6. Europe's largest families
  7. How many people live in Kosovo?
  8. Key facts: What do rural Kosovars earn?
  9. Women and employment
  10. Education
  11. Poverty
  12. Emigration
  13. May God never give him peace!
  14. The size of the Diaspora
  15. Towards a new Era
  16. Annex: Village research methodology

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