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Alifakovac Cemetery
Alifakovac Cemetery in Sarajevo. Photo: Alan Grant

"Truth and knowledge are crucial prerequisites for reconciliation. The long-term consequences of not facing the past on a basis of established truth are alarming."

Jan Braathu, Norwegian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 21, 2007

One of the biggest questions since the war has been how many people lost their lives. Twelve years of intensive research by the Research and Documentation Centre (RDC) has now brought greater clarity to the question. According to the RDC’s new analysis, 97,207 people were killed during the Bosnian war. This total is half the widely quoted figure of 200,000, which comes from a 1994 UN report. "This study was done to change the perception of the past,” says RDC’s director, Mirsad Tokaca, “and to allow us to overcome the hotheads and switch to calm dialogue."

Mirsad Tokaca launching the research results

June 2008

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