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Stefan Luft
Stefan Luft

Suggested readings

There are no texts by Stefan Luft available in English. This is a sample of books, lectures and articles by Stefan Luft on multi-culturalism, integration and Turks in Germany:

  • Stefan Luft, Abschied von Multikulti. Wege ausder Integrationskrise (Farewell to Multikulti), Grafelfing 2006
  • Stefan Luft, Auslanderpolitik in Deutschland. Mechanismen,Manipulation, Missbrauch (Policytowards foreigners in Germany), 2002
  • Stefan Luft, Einmal Türke, immer Türke? (Once a Turk, always a Turk?),Anmerkungen aus Anlass der Kölner Rede Recep Tayyip Erdogans, PolitischeStudien, May/June 2008
  • Stefan Luft criticizesErdogan's visit in Germany in February 2008. Erdogan had called on Turksin Germany to lobby German policymakers: "The German polity shouldmake clear to the spokespersons of Turkish interests that while lobbyingis legitimate, poisoning the political climate in Germany is harmful toall."
  • Stefan Luft, Staat und Integration – Zur Steuerbarkeit von Integrationsprozessen,in: Sozialwissenschaftlicher Fachinformationsdienst (soFid), Migration undethnische Minderheiten 2008/1, S. 11-39. Luft writes about the conditions,possibilities and limits of state policies concerning integration: "Youngimmigrants without perspectives will not identify with the community wherethey live. In ethnic colonies they see for themselves neither the chanceto finish school nor a possibility to start a job. They see themselves inmany ways as excluded from the upward mobility which society offers toothers."
  • Stefan Luft, Staat und Migration. Anmerkungen zur Steuerungskrise (State and Migration), inSozialwissenschaftliches Journal Nr. 5, December 2007
  • Stefan Luft, Die Dynamik der Desintegration - Zum Stand derAuslanderintegration in deutschen Grossstadten (The Dynamic of Desintegration), 2002. "Migration always causesconflicts. These conflicts are often related – especially in the case ofmigrants from non-European countries – to cultural differences. To talkabout this has nothing to do with racism."

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