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Henryk M. Broder
Henryk M. Broder

Suggested readings

Broder on multiculturalism, tolerance and integration in Germany (in German)

An interview about religion, multiculturalism, the causes of terrorism and Islam.

  • Henryk M. Broder, Einen bedrohen, eine Million einschüchtern, Spiegel Online, 31 January 2006. Broder comments on the Mohammad caricatures in a Danish paper:

    "Something changed in the public awareness after September 11: 'Punish one, educate a hundred,' is what Mao said. 'Threaten one, intimidate a million' could be the motto today."

Book in English

  • Henryk M. Broder, A Jew in the New Germany, 2003. Eighteen of Broder's essays from 1979 - 2001, exposing contradictory attitudes of Germans toward Jews.

Books in German (since 2000)

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