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An impoverished neighbourhood near Kipshidze Street, Tbilisi. Photo: flickr/Henning(i)

Suggested readings

In one of the most recent interviews ("There Is Only One Way – Building a Free Economy" «Каха Бендукидзе: Путь один - строить свободную экономику») (also available in English), given to Radio Free Europe/ Ekho Kavkaza in December 2009, Bendukidze spoke about his general approach to liberal reforms and the Georgian experience. He emphasized the need to reduce the state apparatus in order to achieve greater efficiency and to stimulate the private sector:

"We had a clear understanding of the following fact: every extra bureaucrat who sits in the state apparatus is a real obstacle to economic development and prevents the creation of five jobs in the private sector. As long as you have a large state apparatus, you will have a small private sector. This was clearly understood, and that is why we were not afraid or embarrassed to radically cut their numbers. This is a very painful process because the people who are dismissed are not happy about and most of them join the opposition to the government that has dismissed them."

April 2010

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