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People watch the storming of the Supreme Soviet ("White House") in Moscow during the
Russian constitutional crisis of October 1993. Photo: Dmitry Borko/

Suggested readings

Bendukidze is listed as one of the top 20 oligarchs in Russia in "Ownership concentration in Russian industry" by Sergei Guriev and Andrei Rachinsky (2004), published by the Centre for Economic and Financial Research (CEFIR) at the New Economic School (NES).

In an interview with Kommersant (dated 1995), entitled "Being Cool Won't Help You Dodge the Bullet" («Крутизна на траекторию пули не влияет»), Bendukidze spoke about the rise of criminality in Russia in the 1990s and the striking increase in the number of contract killings of businessmen, whose casualties included some of his colleagues in the lobby group Round Table of Russian Business. He advocated harsh measures, saying that one can only deal with the situation in Russia by "shoot[ing] all the bandits." In his opinion, a "tough authoritarian regime" of the "Taiwanese-Chilean type" would be necessary for a transition to normal economic development and for curbing rampant criminality. Bendukidze also noted that it was impossible to do business legally in Russia without fear of being killed over some dispute.

A description of Russia's wild capitalism can also be found in Paul Klebnikov's Godfather of the Kremlin

April 2010

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