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CRC Logo blueCity Research Center is a Gyumri-based grassroots NGO established in 2002. The Center was founded by the former prime minister of Armenia, Armen Darbinyan, and a group of intellectuals from Gyumri.

CRC strives to support the citizens of the South Caucasus and Eastern Anatolia in developing a stronger appreciation of historic and cultural values. Expressions of visual and audiovisual art, music and crafts are used to encourage the region

August 2010

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Key dates in Armenia-Turkey relations 2008-2010
2008-2010 arası Ermenistan-Türkiye ilişkilerinde kilit tarihler
Politics: Institutions and people
Politika: Kurumlar ve kişiler
  NGOs and foundations
Sivil Toplum Kuruluşları
Academic institutions and scholars
Akademik Kurum ve Akademisyenler
  Business people