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The Council of Europe's surrender to Russia
Leo Tolstoy
Polish Minister of Justice, Zbigniew Ziobro. Photo: flickr/Dziennik Internetowy lublin.com.pl
Polish Minister of Justice, Zbigniew Ziobro. Photo: flickr/Dziennik Internetowy lublin.com.pl
ESI in the German debate on refugees (auf Deutsch)
Interview with Gerald Knaus. Video: Stiftung Mercator
Emmanuel Macron
Presentation by Gerald Knaus. Video: Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation
Palazzo Chigi. Photo: flickr/David Macchi
Viktor Orban (in this week's Economist)
Yannis Boutaris
Yannis Boutaris – Mayor of Thessaloniki
Enlargement and the benefits of competition
Summer reading
10 years of ESI: The ESI story
15 years of ESI:
Od svog osnivanja u jednom sarajevskom kafeu, juna 1999. pa do danas ESI je napisao 101 izvještaja o jugoistocnoj Evropi i o politici proširenja Evropske Unije. Procitajte ovdje o onome na šta je ESI trenutno fokusiran i o drugim ESI aktivnostima. Posjetite i naše ESI analiticke price u slikama.
Would you like to work for the European Stability Initiative (ESI), a small but influential European think-tank? We need administrative support in the day-to-day running of our projects and activities. This is a full-time employed position in Berlin under German law. We offer a stimulating and fast-paced environment, and involvement in the planning and running of ESI projects. Find out more in the vacancy description.
Posljednje reakcije iz medija:
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Thomas Jansen, "Bedeuten mehr Retter auch mehr Migranten?" ("Do more rescuers mean more migrants?") (22 July 2019)
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