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Obrad MuminJelena Mumin
Obrad and Jelena Mumin

Obrad Mumin lives in a small isolated mountain village in Mala Crna Gora, or Little Montenegro. Once, there were 70 people in the village. Now no more than 20-25 people spend the winter in Mala Crna Gora. It is a tough life. Obrad Mumin's mother and father died when he was still a boy.

Obrad lives, together with his wife and his sister Jelena, on a small farm. It is a life of poverty and hard work. The beauty of the summer months is offset by the harsh winters, says Obrad:

In the summer it's great here, a beautiful mountainous area. Many tourists come here, more than to any other village. People who come here, who pass by here, who stop here. Really beautiful - listen - in the summer there's clear air here, pure water, it's glorious, everything is exquisite!

As far as the winter is concerned: it's bad, there’s a huge amount of snow. I don't have anything else to say about it. In the summer every house is full – listen – those who moved away, who have houses, apartments there, come back. They took their children and left. They moved away from here as they don't want to spend the winter here.

There used to be 70 inhabitants here, now there are roughly twenty, twenty-five at the most. More can't spend the winter here. All grandmothers and grandfathers … and goodbye, farewell, there'll be no one left here. Not a living soul. Because one is cut off. One is cut off for six months - listen - because one can't get to Zabljak. It's only for this reason…. If you need a shot or something here - listen - then you have to die, because you won't get to a doctor.

His sister Jelena adds:

We have television, we have radio, we have everything. We follow the news as if we were in Podgorica. And then we knit, in the winter you know. In the summer we don't have the time but in the winter we switch on the television and take the needles and also the spindle, by god we still have one which you power with your feet. We knit, we knit socks, jumpers, that sort of thing and, God knows, nothing else.

April 2008

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