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Mosques in Germany

Turkish women in Germany
Sehitlik-Mosque in Berlin. Photo: flickr/cosmonautirussi

There are around 2,600 Islamic prayer rooms in Germany.[36] The majority are simple apartments or factory floors which serve as prayer rooms.

There are an estimated 150 mosques in Germany. The oldest was built in 1914 near Berlin. The biggest – offering space for 1,200 people – was inaugurated in October 2008 in Duisburg.

Currently another 180 mosques are under construction or in the planning stage. This includes the disputed central mosque in Cologne, which will offer room for 2,000 worshippers.

Most prayer rooms and mosques belong to the DITIB (some 900). 500 are managed by the Central Council. Around 300 are run by Milli Görüs.[37]

There are some 2,250 imams in Germany (ca. 1,250 are employed full-time). 90 percent of them come from Turkey. 500 imams currently working in Germany from Turkey  have been sent there by the Turkish government.[38]

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