November 2008 assessments
ESI's grade reports

ESI visa "grade reports" (May/June 2009)

In its 18 May 2009 assessments of progress in roadmap implementation by the five Western Balkan countries, the European Commission used six distinct phrases to describe the achievements in each of the four blocks into which the requirements had been divided. (These four blocks are document security; illegal migration; public order and security; and external relations and fundamental rights.) For the ESI scorecard, ESI allocated a grade and colour to these phrases:

"meets the benchmarks" and "generally meets the benchmarks" = 1 and green

"meets a large majority of the benchmarks" and "meets a majority of benchmarks" = 2 and yellow

"on the right track, but…" and "does not yet fully meet the benchmarks" = 3 and red

We then looked at what the Commission and the EU national experts had written about progress on each individual requirement and also graded it (in a slightly more nuanced way, so the grades are 1, 1-, 2+, 2, 2-, 3+, 3, 3-) and allocated again the colours green, yellow and red. The “grade reports” are short overviews of the results of this exercise, while the "Detailed analyses” show our approach concerning each country in greater detail.

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