Media reactions



("We Turk eaters")
06 August 2016
("If the refugee deal fails. Plan B for the refugee crisis")
05 August 2016
Die Welt
("If Turks can travel visa-free")
05 August 2016
Der Standard
("Ravel of Bosnian deals")
04 August 2016
Die Welt
("What will happen if Turks can travel visa-free?")
04 August 2016
("The EU and Erdogan - Condemned to sit by and watch?")
radio debate with Gerald Knaus
03 August 2016
("Cooperation with Erdogan: "The Turkey deal is a big bluff"")
02 August 2016
("Spectacular failure or empty threats by Turkey?")
02 August 2016
("What if the refugee agreement fails?")
02 August 2016
("An effort to save the refugee agreement")
02 August 2016
Süddeutsche Zeitung
("Is the EU failing Greece?")
02 August 2016
Digi 24
("The EU's plan B for the refugee crisis")
02 August 2016
Die Zeit
("Plan B would be much worse")
01 August 2016


("Is there a plan B for the refugee crisis?")
28 July 2016
("Turkey expert Knaus on the situation in Turkey")
27 July 2016
Der Standard
("Are we witnessing a tragedy, Gerald Knaus?")
video interview
24 July 2016
B5 aktuell
("Political background")
radio interview with Gerald Knaus on EU-Turkey relations, from 31m31s
24 July 2016
("Orban or EU-Turkey agreement")
23 July 2016
("No plan B for EU-Turkey deal")
22 July 2016
Wiener Zeitung
("All elements of a tragedy")
22 July 2016
W Radio
("Border communities in the EU believe to be weakened by migration agreement with Turkey")
22 July 2016
Athina 9.84 fm
("International mayors conference in Athens on the EU-Turkey Agreement")
22 July 2016
Le Club de Mediapart
("Coup in Turkey: what consequences for Ankara's foreign policy")
22 July 2016
Deutschlandradio Kultur
("The coup after the coup in Turkey - 'An extremely dangerous moment'")
radio interview with Gerald Knaus
21 July 2016
("State of emergency in Turkey - 'The rule of law gets left behind'")
radio interview with Gerald Knaus
21 July 2016
La Croix
("EU-Turkey agreement on migrants under threat")
20 July 2016
("The Turkish apocalypse")
19 July 2016
("Daily news")
18 July 2016
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
("A pat at the EU's door")
18 July 2016
("A future for Turkish youth")
radio interview with Gerald Knaus on the attempted military coup in Turkey
18 July 2016
("Ćerimagić: It is important that the EU sends Bosnia and Herzegovina a questionnaire")
18 July 2016
("Turkey: military coup staged by government?")
16 July 2016
Little Atoms
12 July 2016
Berlin direkt
("Turkey: The uncertain partner")
video interview with Gerald Knaus
03 July 2016


On Kavkaz
("Baku again at the center of a corruption scandal over bribery of an Italian MEP for 2.5 million euros")
29 June 2016
Die Presse
("Defending the liberal consensus")
25 June 2016
("EU must see sincere interest for EU membership by Bosnia and Herzegovina")
24 June 2016
Die Zeit
("This man has invented the refugee deal for Angela Merkel. Now he wants to prevent a catastrophe")
23 June 2016
Al Jazeera
ESI analyst Adnan Ćerimagić in TV debate on the Brexit vote
21 June 2016
audio interview with ESI senior analyst Alexandra Stiglmayer
18 June 2016
("Visa-free regime for Ukraine: Merkel insists on 'safeguards'")
15 June 2016
("Ukraine and Georgia do not pass Europe's visa "face control"")
14 June 2016
BNR Nieuwsradio
("Resettle refugees in large numbers now")
14 June 2016