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Michael Bullert
Michael Bullert

Michael Bullert is a young German entrepreneur. Back in 2004 he started to look for business opportunities in Eastern Europe. He had a look at Krakow, but came back dissatisfied. Then, on 6 December 2004, he met a young Romanian IT specialist, Andreas Kuglis, at an IT fair in Munich. The two got on very well. Two weeks later Bullert arrived in Timisoara. In March 2005 he and Kuglis founded Syonic, an IT company specialising in software and data management solutions for the health care, banking, automotive, energy and real estate sectors. Bullert and Kuglis each own 50% of the company.

Michael Bullert now lives in Timisoara with his girlfriend.

Syonic employs 40 people, of which some 40% have graduated from Timisoara's Polytechnic University. Many of the employees are young, as Michael and his partner consider it easy to work with young people because they can easily adapt to new rules and can always come up with solutions. "The people that work here are people that learn fast and can act rapidly," says Michael Bullert. Many have been sent to attend training courses in Germany.

While Syonic used to sell 90% of its products and services for the foreign market, mainly for clients in the German health and banking system, the company is increasingly serving Romanian customers. A medical platform for family doctors that proved successful in the German market has now been implemented in Romania.

Before arriving in Timisoara, Michael had no idea about the town or its business environment. From the get-go he felt comfortable, however. He liked the people and their attitude towards work; the infrastructure was good; there was an international airport; and the city appeared very safe. The 16 percent flat tax and initial tax relieve for IT engineers provided an additional incentive to relocate to Romania.

Michael Bullert is not alone. The German Economic Club of Timisoara, which meets every second week, now counts over 120 members.

September 2008
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