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Endri Fuga
Endri Fuga

Endri Fuga was another of MJAFT's four founders and its spokesman. He, Erion and Arbjan became friends at high school. He left Albania in 1998 and went to Rome where he studied at La Sapienza University. During the Kosovo refugee crisis in 1999 Endri volunteered for the Albanian Red Cross and the Albanian Youth Council:

"At that time I was directing the operations for the opening of the biggest hosting camp in Tirana. I remember the day when thousands of Albanians were coming from Kukes and we first hosted them in the Sports Arena and then we took them to the tents in the camp. I remember the faces of the people who were scared but thankful, had lost everything, but could now feel safe. And then, I remember the day when they left the camp to head back to Kosovo."

From La Sapienza, Endri transferred to Webster University’s campus in Vienna, following his father's appointment as a key expert on nuclear weapons at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna. Like Erion, he was in Albania for the Christmas holidays in 2002. He agreed to prolong his stay in Albania. As MJAFT grew from a campaign to a formal organisation, Endri became its Director of Communications.

"My favourite campaign was "Education, a priority". It has been one of our most effective and persistent campaigns. It has been our topic, our theme. For five years in a row we have managed to put through a campaign on the importance of education. We have been lobbying in parliament to increase the budget of education, we have campaigned for students' and teachers' rights, we have held rallies to promote excellence in teaching. And I think if there is something we should be proud of, it should be this campaign whose outcome has been more schools, better textbooks, improved standards. But there is still a lot more to be done."

In 2007 Endri Fuga, Erion Veliaj, Marinela Lika and Arbjan Mazniku stepped down from their positions. As Endri recalls today.

Mjaft! served as a great political school for all of us. And our departure was intended to give a bold message to the Albanian politicians, to those that have been in power for more than 17 years and that have done little or nothing to improve the life of Albanians. That only perpetual change can guarantee perpetual success."

May 2008

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