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Andres Herkel (Estonia)

Andres Herkel

"Mr Strässer and I have similar backgrounds and we both learnt a lot about political prisoners from Azerbaijan.

"Several years ago, when I became the monitoring rapporteur in Azerbaijan, I visited many former politicians in prison. For us they were, of course, political prisoners but when we talked to President Aliev he told us that they did not have political prisoners.

"The need for a clear definition is obvious.

"The report before us now is based on long-held high-level expertise, as were the hearings of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights.

"The amendment tabled by Mr Moriau seem to have the sole aim of destroying the report. I strongly support Mr Strässer and the report and call on members to do the same today."

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Showdown in Strasbourg. The Political Prisoner Debate

  1. Setting
  2. Background to the Showdown in Strasbourg
  3. Christoph Straesser (Germany)
  4. Pietro Marcenario (Italy)
  5. Mailis Reps (Estonia)
  6. Elena Nikolayeva (Russia)
  7. Tiny Kox (Netherlands)
  8. Mevlut Cavusoglu (Turkey)
  9. Marina Schuster (Germany)
  10. Viola von Cramon-Taubadel (Germany)
  11. Andres Herkel (Estonia)
  12. Mike Hancock (UK)
  13. Leonid Slutsky (Russia)
  14. Serhiy Sobolev (Ukraine)
  15. Tadeusz Iwinski (Poland)
  16. Lise Christoffersen (Norway)
  17. Pedro Agramunt (Spain)
  18. Christoph Straesser (Germany)
  19. Mailis Reps (Estonia)
  20. Agustin Conde Bajen (Spain)
  21. Christoph Straesser (Germany)
  22. Who voted with Azerbaijan?
  23. Which countries voted with Azerbaijan?
  24. Who voted with Christoph Straesser?
  25. Which countries voted with Straesser?
  26. Original sources and background documents

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