Berlin – ESI lecture at 75 years Potsdam Conference – 'Peace' orders and 'ethnic cleansing' in the past and present

30 September 2020
Video: Deutsche Gesellschaft e.V.

ESI’s Gerald Knaus participated in an online conference organised by the Deutsche Gesellschaft e.V. entitled „75 Jahre Potsdamer Konferenz – ‚Friedens‘-Ordnungen und ‚ethnische Säuberungen‘ in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart“. He presented on the topic “Against forced state migration a means of "peace solutions" today. A global view."

After his presentation, Gerald took part in a podium discussion with Jan Diedrichsen (Federal Chairman of the Society for threatened peoples), Wilfried Jilge (Eastern European Historian and Associate Fellow of the German Society for Foreign Policy ), and Sabine Mannitz (Member of the board of the Hessian Foundation Peace and conflict research). The discussion was moderated by Sven Felix Kellerhoff (Chief editor of contemporary and cultural history).