Bilsana Bibic

Bilsana Bibic (former staff)

Junior Fellow

Bilsana Bibic (Montenegro) joined ESI in June 2015. She graduated from St. John’s College, NM, USA in 2013 and began working with the Center for Monitoring and Research in Podgorica, researching reform of higher education, gender equality and corruption. During her year at CeMI, she also assisted with grant writing and participated in an ENEMO election observation mission to Ukraine. Bilsana has extensive experience in working with underprivileged children and youth. She co-drafted and co-led an intensive four-week project focusing on conflict resolution in the Republic of Georgia and assisted in constructing a mentoring program prototype for at-risk youth in New Mexico. She is currently pursuing a double-degree Masters at the University of Glasgow and the Jagiellonian University.