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20 April 2021

If the Russian state is allowed to ignore the European Court of Human Rights, again, and to kill another critic of the government, it will have shown that the Council is a club of states for whom the respect for fundamental rights is wholly optional.

2 April 2021

In recent weeks, the unbelievable story of corruption of parliaments across Europe by the Caspian autocracy of Azerbaijan has created big waves in Germany. For the Aliyev regime, almost two decades of efforts to aggressively undermine democratic institutions remained without consequences.

9 March 2021

EU ima snažan politički i ekonomski interes da svim zainteresovanim zemljama zapadnog Balkana ponudi mogućnost da se pridruže jedinstvenom tržištu EU, kao međukoraku u reformisanom procesu pristupanja EU iz dva koraka. Zemlje i ekonomije mogu sustići u razvoju. Da bi se to dogodila proces pristupanja mora biti vjerodostojan, zasnovan na zaslugama i ozbiljan. To se događalo i prije. Može se desiti ponovo.

9 March 2021

The EU has a strong political and economic incentive to offer to any interested Western Balkan nation the chance to join its Single Market as an interim goal in a reformed two-stage EU accession process. Countries and economies can catch up. For this it must be credible, merit based and serious. It has happened before. It can happen again.


5 August 2020

It is crucial to have a rule of law protection mechanism that unambiguously and concretely protects national judiciaries and the effective application of EU law at the national level.

27 April 2020

Europe needs more solidarity and financial transfers, these must strengthen the values that connect Europeans, not undermine them.

3 April 2020

Why should Germans, Dutch, Swedes and their leaders care about a possible tragedy on distant Greek islands where more than 40,000 refugees and migrants live crammed together in dismal sanitary conditions?

20 March 2020

The EU and Turkey have a common interest to support more than 3.5 million refugees now in Turkey; to control mobility in the face of the biggest public health crisis in a century: and to provide humanitarian assistance to more than 2 million displaced near the Turkish border in Syria.

17 February 2020

It is in The Gambia's interest to see its diaspora thrive in Germany. It is not in its interest to see it disappear. It is The Gambia's interest to help those in Germany who want an agreement.

16 January 2020

EU Balkan enlargement is only possible if it is deeply transformative. None of the current candidates and potential candidates have a chance of joining without a deep transformation.


16 December 2019

National courts are central pillars in the EU legal architecture. They must defend the norms and enforce EU rules in all member states directly. 

26 October 2019

What is needed is a process that does not replace accession and yet is different; a process that promises EU influence and is also attractive and credible to Balkan publics and leaders. 

29 July 2019

Nobody in The Gambia wants a return to the tragedy of recent years, when tens of thousands were captured and mistreated in Libya and huge numbers died on the "backway" to Europe.

28 April 2019

L'UE doit également prouver qu'elle honore sa parole face aux dirigeants qui s'emploient à établir des relations avec leurs voisins et avec les minorités dans un véritable esprit de réconciliation.

28 April 2019

The EU also needs to show that it keeps its word to leaders who reach out to neighbors and minorities at home in a true spirit of reconciliation

15 April 2019

Do think tanks matter? Do the things they write ever "cause" anything? And how would we ever know?

4 April 2019

Komisja Europejska musi jak najszybciej zaskarżyć Polskę do Trybunału Sprawiedliwości Unii Europejskiej (TSUE) za naruszenie podstawowych wartości i zasad UE, koncentrując się na procedurach dyscyplinarnych i kontroli władzy wykonawczej nad sędziami.

27 March 2019

The European Commission needs to take Poland to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) as soon as possible for infringement of the EU's fundamental values and principles, focusing on disciplinary procedures and the executive's control over judges.


8 December 2018

The legitimacy of the Council of Europe matters. Its destruction would be a harbinger of much worse to come. What is needed are bold measures, both in the Committee of Ministers and in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

19 November 2018

This is the right moment for European democracies to send a strong signal that certain red lines should not be crossed and that certain types of behaviour are intolerable and unacceptable.