Chris Langdon

Chris Langdon (former staff)

Senior Analyst

Chris Langdon (UK) joined ESI as Senior Analyst in 2008 to run the Communicating Europe project. Chris is a TV producer-director by profession. He has worked closely for many years with ESI while working as the Director for South East Europe at the British Wilton Park Conference Centre. There, from 1997 onwards, he ran 50 policy conferences mostly covering EU enlargement, SE Europe, democracy support, the impact for public policy of new communications technologies - he also oversaw Wilton Park's website. He directed two half-hour documentaries for ESI; 'Mitrovica: Chronicle of a Death Foretold?' in 2004, and 'Bosnian Story' in 2003. Chris has worked full-time in TV for 18 years; he was the launch Europe Editor for the APTN news agency from 1994-96. He also worked for BBC TV News as the Senior Foreign Affairs Producer and he was Eastern Europe Producer during the fall of Communism in Central Europe. Before joining the BBC Chris was a senior researcher for British Independent TV (LWT). He first started out in TV as a news scriptwriter for ITN News in the late seventies. He has a Geography degree from Oxford University.