Hil Nrecaj

Hil Nrecaj (former staff)

Hil Nrecaj (Kosovo) is a lawyer by training and has joined the ESI-run Lessons Learned and Analysis Unit as a researcher back in 2004. He was involved in ESI research on migration and development in Viti and Gjilan municipality and he was also part of the team preparing an interactive CD Rom with more than 400 policy documents for the Economic Strategy and Project Identification Group. Hil then reinforced the IKS team researching on cultural heritage and economic development in Kosovo's capital Pristina. Since 2005, Hil has been head of the Mitrovica Regional Office of the Civil Rights Program/Kosovo, providing free legal advice to displaced, returnees and refugees from all communities. In Kosovo and neighbouring countries, he assisted all ESI-related outreach and research activities. In the meantime, he obtained a Total Law Certificate in EU Law from the Central European University in Budapest, completed a European Integration Summer School at the Forum Alpbach and spent half a term in the US at Yale University as a Visiting Researcher.